1. The Ideal-Living Network Presents: INSIDE THE MIND OF IZZY JONE$

                             Exclusive Artist Interview (Part I)

       Exclusive Artist Interview (Part II)

    We present to you the very first episode in our summer interview series with an exclusive sit-down session with 17-year-old artist Izzy Jone$ from College Park, GA. We got a chance to go inside the mind of Jone$ as we discussed his early inspirations, his latest album, “Album 0“, and also broke down tracks from the album. Be sure to watch the entire interview and feel the depths behind the young and growing artist. Izzy is definitely a talented rapper with a creative genius within him that will provide him with longevity throughout his career. We were definitely glad to allow him a platform to speak on various topics during the interview.

    Part II of the interview will be released soon, and you definitely will want to tune in to both parts of this exclusive interview.

    Find more information from Izzy & stream and download “Album 0″ on [fakeizzyjones.com]

    Stay updated with his happenings on all social media [@FakeIzzyJones]

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  2. This past weekend.

    [Thursday, July 10th - Saturday, July 12th, 2014.]

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  4. Izzy Jone$ - Flake City (feat. Roger Rebel) (Official Video)

    Stream and Download “Album 0” here: http://fakeizzyjones.com/album0

    Directed By: Roger Rebel
    Filmed/Edited By: Jaye Newton

    Izzy Jone$ fresh off the release of his latest album “Album 0”, him and fellow BJFWBC member Roger Rebel decide to premiere the official music of their record “FLAKE CITY” which was produced by Psychedelic Loner.

    Izzy Jone$ Twitter: http://twitter.com/FakeIzzyJones
    Izzy Jone$ SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/FakeIzzyJones
    Izzy Jone$ Instagram: http://instagram.com/FakeIzzyJones

    Roger Rebel Twitter: http://twitter.com/RogerRebelOG
    Roger Rebel SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/roger-rebel
    Roger Rebel Instagram: http://instagram.com/rogerthvt

    Jaye Newton Twitter: http://twitter.com/JayeNetwon
    Jaye Newton Instagram: http://instagram.com/theabstrakk


  5. ALBUM 0.

    Album 0 is the latest release from Beepers & Jungle Fever, Westside Beeper Clan artists/producer/singer Izzy Jone$.
    Izzy Jone$ released this project on July 4th, 2014.

    ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD: http://fakeizzyjones.bandcamp.com/album/album-0

    "to be a zero does not mean to be nothing but to be something that exists. thank you to everyone involved from my friends to the producers and rappers and singers. you all made this zero this work. thank you." - Izzy Jone$.

    This album was created to embody the nobodies and “zero’s” in today’s society. He wants everyone to know their worth and no one can truly be nothing. To be nothing means you have to exist regardless, which makes you something and mean something. He wants everyone to really understand and comprehend their self-worth while also telling his story at the same time.

    executive producer: Isaiah T. Anderson
    Art Direction: Ashley M. Lee.


  6. Very important Steve Harvey moment.

  8. FAMILY.